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We'll be getting our first in-person look at Porsche's newest hard-core 911 version when we arrive at the Geneva Motor Show in just over four weeks time. However, we've now got more photos and details on the 911 GT3 to share with you thanks to the staff in Stuttgart. Back when the original 911 Turbo debuted 35 years ago, its 256 horsepower was considered staggering. The new GT3 again leaves old 911s in the dust with an un-boosted 435 hp from its 3.8-liter flat-six. Although Porsche hasn't yet quoted a specific number, the GT3's mid-range torque response is claimed to be significantly fattened up, too.

The sprint to 60 miles-per-hour now takes a claimed 4.1 seconds with 100 mph coming in double that time. Handling dynamics are also claimed to be improved and the driver now has more control over the stability management system. The electronic stability control and traction control systems can now be individually deactivated, and high-speed behavior is also aided by improved downforce at both ends of the car.

Adaptive damping systems are pretty old hat in 2009. For the GT3, Porsche has added active engine mounts(!) that recognize hard driving. For example, during track work, the engine mounts will tighten up in an effort to eliminate driveline lash that can unsettle a car in transient maneuvers. The GT3 also gets standard ceramic brakes and center lock wheels. Europeans can pick up a GT3 starting in May. No word yet on when or if the U.S. will get a shot.

Click the image above for a high-res Porsche GT3 gallery

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