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Phoenix Scottsdale Genesis owners...

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Any owners out there?:rolleyes:
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Welcome to the site Dmspec........

LOL aint that the truth... You ever call Ben or Kevin? Im sure they wouldnt mind checking out an auto version.

Getting ready to get LED tails, front grill and chin grill deletes and CF hood and trunk lol

Kinda funny buying "look" parts now that all the speed parts are being 90% sponsor'd lol
I wanna see pics when all installed...

I have a Red 2.0T & my zip is 85027.Regards,Tom

Base 6-speed!
Welcome to the site Tom, I merged your posts for ya.

Take the time to introduce yourself in the new members intro section when you get a chance.

West Valley near Luke AFB. Bought from price and quick sale. Put out feelers for prices to ALL the dealerships in the city and only Germain and San Tan responded, the rest were not interested in pricing. The choad at Larry Miller emailed me two weeks later and asked if I was still looking. DB

2.0 Premium, manual, N. Gray.

I got the same email and they would have offer FAIR Kelly Blue Book trade-in...and then turned the car for thousands more. Not even worth replying too.
Welcome to the forums Pavehawk Gunner & congrats on your new ride....

Take a minute to introduce yourself in the new member intro forum..

BTW I merged your posts for ya...

Just spotted a Black 2.0 Track up on base... the dude didn't wave back or anything. So I'm guessing he's not in the forum's???
How rude :flame:

that only works with motorcycles :rofl:

but yea most car drivers unless its a porsche, ferrari, or lambo dont wave to each other... i dont get why they dont :dunno:
Works with Jeeps too, not all of them, just the Wrangler & CJs.

quish quish... Cars back at the shop for more warranty work... Transmission is shitting out again in Fifth (less than 2500 miles this time) and now I get to get the motor diag'd for a possible internal failure... lucky me..
Damn, looks like you may get new drivetrain...LoL

This is kinda old, but I'm out on the west side as well. I'm in Waddell, in a 2009 Genesis 4.6 Sedan.

Still looking for mods to be done. I went out to SpeedWorld and got a [email protected] out of the family car.
Congrats on your time, not bad for the big boat eh? Welcome to the site & take the time to introduce yourself in the new member intro forum when you get a chance....

1 - 7 of 40 Posts
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