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Hello Everyone,

This is my first post so bear with me. :newbie:

I have a 2010 3.8 Base model and was looking for a 17"; Winter wheels and tires.
I've been hearing so many Yes and no's regarding fitment from different wheel dealers on the same models that Im a little hesitant to choose a wheel since I want to order them Online I want to be Sure which would fit. I have listed the wheel models that I am interested in. Their in order of preference. I would really appreciate it if you guys could take a look and give me your thoughts. Will they fit, any issues, clearance, rubbing, if it will fit weird, or any suggestions etc. This would just be for the winter. Im running a stock setup Base 3.8 with 18" stock wheels w/o brembo. I look forward to your input. Looking to get these in the next week or two. Bottom line, which of these would fit my car. Please help!

Thanks in advance

Tires: Hakka R's Front: 225/50/R17 Rear:225/55/R17

Option 1:
König Lightning Gloss Black Machined Lip 17X7 Offset 40mm Bolt pattern: 5-100/5-114.3

OPtion 2:
König - Illusion 17 x 7 Offset 40mm Bolt Pattern 5-114.3

Option 3:
König Deception 17X7.5 45BCR Offset 45mm Bolt Pattern: 5-114.3<br />

Option 4:
Konig Lace LA7851035 17X8 Offset 35mm Bolt Pattern: 5-114.3

Option 5:
Motegi – MR118 17X8 Offset 32mm Bolt Pattern: 5-114.3 Backspacing: 5.74
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