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Portland Auto Show

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Here are some pics we took of the Hyundai exhibit at the Portland Auto Show. They had a Red 3.8 Premium model there. This was a production model, build date Dec. 30, 2008.


Hyundai didn't have the biggest display but it was still very nice:

Production model with a build date of Dec. 30, 2008. What concerned me was the Gross Vehicle Weight, it showed as 4300 lbs!! WTH??

Rear quarter shot:

Brown leather interior, power driver seat, lots of leg room for everyone IMO. This sexy guy (Civictd04) in the picture is about 5' 7". I liked the Chrome "Genesis" insert.. You would pay an extra %500 for that piece in the Infiniti.. ;)

This is with the driver seat positioned for me, I'm about 5'10" so it went further back. Civic had to spread his legs apart, but head room wasn't bad at all.

The traction control defeat button... this will come in handy when you are drifting around your neighborhood and school parking lot. Interior dash pieces were soft rubber/plastic, didn't feel cheap especially compared to the Camaro.

Front side shot, you can tell there were a LOT of people interested in this car, it was pretty cool to see.

Another Rear quarter shot

While I enjoyed seeing all of the cars, it wasn't nearly as good or fun as SEMA... Obviously it's a different type of show. These types of shows are mostly made up of the local dealers in the area so mostly stock vehicles as you would buy them off the lot.. That being said there was one exhibit that had some show cars and a tuning shop and a Cobb Racing Exhibit. While there I got to meet Trey Cobb and we talked about the Genesis Coupe. He was very interested to see what this car does and they may be interested in developing something for this car which is good news. I'll be emailing him for updates for sure..

Ok so that's it.... ok ok , not everything, I can't end this without some girl pics.. :)

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That 4300lbs GVWR isn't too significant. That's just what the car weighs at full payload capacity
That 4300lbs GVWR isn't too significant. That's just what the car weighs at full payload capacity
Oh I see, I never really understood that before.. haha

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