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Well we are trying to drum up enough interest to get Forged Performance as a PowerAXEL dealer. They are located in Atlanta, GA & Sharif is the tuner. I've already been there once for baseline dyno & can contest that they are great bunch folks that usually are oriented more toward the Nissan community. Anywho, anyone interested in a PowerX tuner for our area should speak up now & post in this thread. Here is some info from Raybuck on the other forum:

Originally posted by Raybuck on the other forum;
Quote: "I decided to make a thread in the South East section to see the interest people have in Forged Performance getting tuning software (PowerX/sfr/etc.) with the ability to custom dyno tune/flash your car. Forged Performance does great work as you may have seen in this months modified magazine. Their crew is filled with great people whom provide great customer service. (I know this from first hand experience, as well as multiple friends who have got work done by Forged). My good friend's Nismo 370z is in their shop now getting a Greddy TT kit installed. I would trust them with my car any day as I believe most people would after talking with Ryan and Sharif.

I figured it couldn't hurt to throw this in the whole SE section seeing as there are very few tuners in the SE. I believe as stated in the previous thread that their main focus at the moment would be 2.0T's? Correct me if I am wrong.

This thread is not here for people to come in and post up flaws/mistakes that the shop has made. Point your finger at any shop and you can find a flaw. Forged has built numerous well known cars which perform flawlessly on the street an track. Post here if you have interest in this shop obtaining a tuning solution in which they could custom dyno tune our cars. Thank you."

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