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Hey everyone!

My car is completely stock other than intake (2010 2.0t with 116,000km), and I had an issue with my BOV about 3 or 4 months ago, where all of a sudden when I was driving, it was like my BOV was venting constantly and not holding any boost, would still drive and run, just any time I would start accelerating, would have the issue. I ended up just taking the BOV off and it was stuck open (pushed all the way down when I was holding it diaphram side up) so I just loosed the seal and re-installed and it worked perfect up till Tues night. Did the same thing again, so I took it off, loosened the seal and reinstalled but no luck, still constant vent! (I think) When I take the vacuum line off of the BOV (still has vacuum going to the BOV) you can kind of hear what sounds like the diaphram popping back and forth, and the car changes idle a tiny Bit. But still doesn't hold boost. The car also threw a P0068 code like 20 min before this happened, but no BOV issue. So I drove it home, parked it and when I went back to look, I had the venting issue as soon as it started. I did a soap test on all the vacuum lines and intercooler piping and didn't appear to have any leaks. Also, I couldn't remember when at idle if the soft piping of the intercooler should have any pressure inside of them? Because they are quite soft when idling!

Does anyone have any insight as to what it could be??

Thanks in advance!!
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