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General Rules:
It's required that the following information be included with every classified posting. You can copy and paste the following example to start you off:

Name: Bruce Lee (Full name as it appears on identification)
Location: Puyallup, WA (City, State (, Country))
Contact Info: [email protected] (Email or phone number.)
Item: PS3 (Your item for sale or want to buy)
Price: $300 (You must list the price for the item, if it's firm or OBO (Or Best Offer), no feeler posts please!)
Shipping Costs or Fees: $20 (If there are any special costs to ship, Paypal fee, etc, make sure you post about it if you expect to be reimbursed for it. Also say if you want only local interested parties.)
Payment: Paypal (List applicable information on how you would like to receive payment.)
Description: Used PlayStation 3 (A description of the item(s) for sale.)

Other Important Rules:

  1. Items forbidden to be traded, sold or bought:
    1. Pornography
    2. CD Keys without software, or pirated copyrighted material
    3. Not for resale items
    4. MLM, and contest/giveaway sales
    5. Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
  2. Anything costing over $175 needs to include a picture of the item.
  3. You must post the price of the article you wish to sell.
  4. You must give people your full name and location.
  5. You must use a prefix in your thread title:
    1. FS: - For Sale
    2. FT: - For Trade
    3. WTB: - Wanted to Buy
    4. GB: - Group Buys post in the Group Buy forum instead of here.
  6. You may only bump your thread once in a 12 hour period.
DISCLAIMER, its staff, administrators, and moderators are not responsible for any interactions whether commercial or personal that take place on this site. If a problem arises we will do our best in resolving that problem or partaking in a reasonable solution or agreement. Please take the time to create a proper for sale, for trade, wanted to buy, or group buy thread to avoid any action on your thread or account.

Reporting Scammers and Bad Posts - At the top of a thread post there is a triangle with an exclamation point on it. When you click this button a page is generated asking what is wrong with the post and it is sent to the moderators. The form sends an email to the moderators with information about why the post is bad and a link to the questionable post. Your identity is will remain anonymous.
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