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the white one is sharp! real smooth lines.did they cut the antenna off or is it built into the rear window?
Is this the one you are referring to?

I never even noticed it didn't have a shark's fin. Does anyone know if the am/fm antennae is also ran through the fin or is it strictly XM?

I may have answered my own question. I got this from the Genesis PDF owner's manual...

Glass antenna (if equipped)
When the radio power switch is turned on
while the ignition switch is in either the
“ON” or “ACC” position, your car will
receive both AM and FM broadcast signals
through the antenna in the rear window

Do not clean the inside of the rear
window glass with a cleaner or
use a scraper to remove foreign
deposits as this may cause damage
to the antenna elements.
• Avoid adding metallic coating
(such as Ni, Cd, and so on).These
can disturb receiving broadcast
81 - 84 of 84 Posts