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Red GenCoupe Pics

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These are more for my personal benefit....LoL

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Real Nice Pic of Red GenCoupe with Factory Wheels

Like I said this is my own personal thread, hehe. I'm not swapping wheels for a while, so I like good pics w/the factory wheels still on.

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Here's my wheels on my color GenCoupe......weeee!!!!

now I will pray......:groupbow:

Oh Yeah & My Grille Too

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Does that car have the blacked out mesh grill you have posted before? That looks really good.
To be honest, I don't know for sure if it's the same one. They are both mesh though. Now if all the lower bumper section was mesh in lieu of the foglamps & whiskers....

Great pics Tufast.. good find bro
Thanks, that car lterally turns me on. I think my girlfriend is definately going to be jealous when I get my R-Spec. She says she won't & would never interfere in my car habit, I mean hobbie. But, that car with those wheels makes me want to drive my bimmer off a cliff...LoL

Zion_Leader, welcome to the forum & if you get a chance to, head over to the new member intro thread & tell us a little about yourself. As for your questions, AMS painted their emblems with Nite Shades lamp tinting paint & made the badges look like a black chrome, really cool.

The drop looks to be between 1.2 & 1.5. The wheels are Volks, I believe SF Challenge, here's a pic.

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Hey guys, I've seen some that looked a little flat, those will probably be vinyls. But, I've seen others that looked super glossy & I believe those are painted. Mine is getting painted gloss black.
Now there is also someone working on vendor-ship on this forum that will be offering an roof carbon fiber overlay. I will replace the roof skin from my understanding to match the hood & trunk for those interested in haveing all CF top panels. Here's link:

That is the Luxon grille replacement made in Korea. It's available from many e-tailers, not sure if any vendors cary it so I won't link to it (sorry).

As for the 380GT, this is the KDM badge for a 3.8L V6. The 2.0T model has a 200GT badge for KDM. These are also available from many e-tailers, also won't link them incase a vendor sells them.
Thanks for not listing links. If you are interested in any Korean parts, you can get with PowerAXEL, who can get just about anything over there from what I can gather & at a lower price than others from what I can tell. I know I've already seen him list the Carat body lip kit (splitter kit), as well as, the mesh Lexon grille. He is a vendor & I would recommend starting with him. pm PowerAXEL if you like or pm majred if you want the link to the others.

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