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Results 2009 Formula Drift: R1-SOLB - Final 4

Fianl 4
Ryan Tuerck Vs. Tanner Foust

Tanner leads and comes out with great angle. the scion is coming out hard and fast with Ryan staying close. Ryan is able to exit the course right on him.
Ryan leads with Tanner being able to almost shadow Ryan. Solid run from both again. OMT is called by judges.

Tanner leads and comes out hot and fast. Makes a gao on transition into the sweeper. Ryan is not able to close the gap till the exit of the sweeper.
Ryan leads with Tanner on his back bumper through most of the course. Good solid run from both through the course. Judges call OMT again!

Tanner leads with Ryan on him, both with smooth transitions and good smoke and angle.
Ryan leads with Tanner trying to stay close but is not enough as the judges call Ryan the winner. Ryan moves on

Robbie Nashida Vs. Sam Hubinette
Robbie leads and Sam is on Robbie through the course. Robbie with good smoke and angle and both are on the throttle. Great run from both.
Sam leads and Robbie is mirroring Robbie. Robbie loses it and spins on the sweeper. Sam moves on.

Thanks to for the results.
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