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Results 2009 Formula Drift: R1-SOLB - Great 8

Taka Aono Vs. Tanner Foust
Tanner leads, and Taka giving chase goes right into the tire wall. Tanner runs out the course. Taka calls 5 minutes.
Taka leads and pulls out from in front of Tanner. Tanner runs out course with Taka just driving through. Tanner moves on

Ryan tuerck Vs. Tony Brakahopia
Ryan leads, Tony spins on entry.
Tony leads and comes out hot, good solid run but not enough to recover from the spin. Ryan moves on.

JR Vs. Sam Hubinette
Sam leads with a small gap from JR through the course, both with excellent angle and smoke and you can hear that V10 and V8 just romping through the course.
Jr leads with Sam giving chase and staying on JR through the course. Great transition into the sweeper and is on him. Judges call OMT

Sam leads and has a great angle and smoke through the sweeper. JR gets a little to close and hits Sam in the sweeper. Sam has pulled off course. 5 minute rule in effect, Sam has a broken suspension arm.
JR leads and Sam stays on him through the course. From intitation through to the exit of the course. Great run from both. Sam moves on.

Robbie Nashida Vs. Stephan Verdier
Robbie leads and both come out with good smoke and angle into the sweeper. Stephan spins on transition to the peninsula.
Stephan Verdier with great smoke and angle but Robie mirrors him through the course. Robbie moves on

Thanks to for the results.
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