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Results 2009 Formula Drift: R1-SOLB - Round Of 32

Daijiro Yoshihara Vs. Jeff Jones
Dai leads, and comes out with Jeff giving chase and mirroring his entry. Dai able to pull away a bit and maintain a gap through the sweeper. Good run from both
Jeff leads, and comes in with a sick entry on the wall past the tire wall. Entry into the tranisiton is again close and Dai spins! Jeff Jones moves on! A privateer from the grassroots scene.

Taka Aono Vs. Pat Mordaunt
Taka leads, and come out sideways. Pat is close behind and both stay in drift through the course. Slight correction at end by Taka.
Pat leads, and comes out with a very nice angle. Taka is close and mirrors Pat with a slightly shalower angle. Pat spins and comes to a halt at the end. Taka moves on

Katsuhiro Vs. Ross Petty
Ueo leads, and comes in with a super aggresive angle and speed. Runs the entire course with good speed and angle. Ross staying close but not in drift.
Ross leads, but very little drift, and Ueo in drift through the entire course. Great run from Ueo. Ueo moves on.

Tanner Foust Vs. Carl Rydquist
Tanner leads, and begins to pull from Carl. Carl on initiation goes into the tire wall spins the 350z car into the tires. 5 minute rule in effect.
Carl leads and comes out with an aggressive speed through the course. Tanner with a very decent gap but in drift. Tanner moves on.

Ryan Tuerck Vs. Calvin Wan
Ryan leads and Calvin with a shallower line through the course. Calvin spins leaving the sweeper. Ryan runs out the course.
Calvin leads, and both initiate at the same time. Calvin with great speed and angle and hits the wall on transition into the sweeper. Ryan runs out the course and completes his run. Ryan moves on.

Matt Powers Vs. Conrad Gruenwald
Conrad leads and comes out with some very nice smoke and angle. Conrad able to maintain a big gap as Matts car is severily underpowered compared to Matt.
Matt leads, and spins on transition into sweeper. Conrad moves on.

Tony Brakahopia Vs. Kyle Mohan
Tony leads is shallow on entry but great angle and on the wall into the transition of the sweeper. Kyle stays close but runs a shallower line and comes to a halt at the end of the run.
Kyle leads, and comes out with some good angle. Tony is shallower and runs a lot shallower angle but its just good enough to get him the win. Tony B moves on.

Darren McNama Vs. Eric O’Sullivan
Darren leads and comes out with a gap on Eric. Eric is just not able to stay on DMac though the course. Eric’s first FD comp and judges say it seemed Eric wasn’t pushing as hard as they thought he could do.
Eric leads and now it seems to be reversed. DMac doing what Eric did the first run. They go OMT!

OMTDarren leads, and comes out with nice smoke and angle. Eric giving chase but shoosing a much shallower line through the sweeper. Closes it up on exit of course.
Eric leads, and DMac is actually able to mirror Eric. Great run from both but not enough. DMac moves on.

Sam Hubinette vs. Tyler McQuarrie
Sam leads, and Tyler gives chase. Tyler is slightly shallower on the sweeper and speins on the exit of the sweeper.
Tyler leads, with Sam giving chase and mirroring Tyler with a small gap though. Sam moves on from Tylers previous spin, not able to get the win.

Justin Pawlak Vs. Casper Canul
Justin leads, and Casper is able to mirror him but a bit shallower through the course. Good run from both and very nice entry from both. 5 minute rule for Casper as he broke a hose on contact with JTP on the exit of the course.
Casper knocked out. Not able to fix. JTP moves on.

Vaughn Gittin Jr Vs JooMaeng
JR leads and is able to come out hot and fast. Tons of smoke from the Falken Mustang. Joon trying to mirror but not able to stay on him through the course. Good run from both. Joon a bit shallow on exit of the course.
Joon leads, and JR stays on him from entry to exit. Good run from both with nice angle and smoke, but Joon not able to shake JR. JR moves on.

Kazu Hayashida Vs. Yasu Kondo
Kazu leads, and pulls to the side on entry into course. Yasu comes out full speed and angle and runs out the course. Kondo broke his axle and that is why he pulled aside.
Yasu moves on. Hayashida can not fix in the 5 minutes.

Quoc Ly Vs. John Russakoff
Quoc leads, and comes out putting out tons of smoke and into the sweeper. John is pretty much straight untill the middle of the sweeper.
John leads, and nice initiation from John. Quoc comes in hot and fast and smacks his back end into the wall. Forcing Quoc to straighten and re-initiate drift midway through sweeper. They go OMT

Quoc leads, and shallow on transition into the sweeper. Solid run overall from both. Nice exit from John as he swing it wide and pulls it in close to clipping point.
John leads, and has a good enty. Quoc a bit shallow and not able to mirror him fully but still able to maintain speed and stay close. Quoc Ly moves on.

Robbie Nishida Vs. M. Takatori
Robbie leads, and comes out with a good gap between him and Takatori through the entire course. Good speed and angle from Robbie.
Takatori leads, and Robbie is mirroring him through the course. Takatori super close to the wall on transition into the sweeper. Robbie was just on him through the course though. Takatori comes to a halt on exit and forces Robbie to stop to avoide the hit. Robbie moves on.

Stephan Verdier Vs. Rhys Millen
Stephan Verdier leads, both come out of the first turn and in full drift. Into the sweeper and Steph with a slightly better angle. Rhys keeing up and both go out the course.
Rhys leads, with Steph coming out with a much better angle. Good gap into the sweeper as Rhys begins to pull away. On exit into the peninsula, Steph is side by side on exit. Great Run. They go One More Time(OMT)

Stephan leads, and Rhys is mirroring Steph through the entire course. Mirroring him, but Steph with a little bit more closeness to the wall on the transitiong into the sweeper.
Rhys leads, and Steph giving chase. Rhys being able to get a gap through the course untill the exit, good angle and speed from Rhys up untill the exit of the sweeper. Stephan able to stay on Rhys and maintain drift when Rhys losses drift at exit. Stephan moves on.

Chris Forsberg Vs. Matt Waldin
Chris leads, and rides the wall on transition into the sweeper. Waldin on him with some gap between. Good run from both.
Matt leads, and Matt’s rear bumper is close to the tire wall on entry. Into the sweeper Matt’s car is spitting flames with Chris mirroring him through the course. Chris is side by side through the exit peninsula. Chris moves.

Thanks to for the results.
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