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Results 2009 Formula Drift: R1-SOLB - Top 16

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Results 2009 Formula Drift: R1-SOLB - Top 16

Taka Aono Vs. Jeff Jones
Taka leads with Jeff giving chase and both with great speed and angle on initiation and into the sweeper. Jeff taps and straightens but regains drift and gets back on Taka through the remainder of the course.
Jeff leads and is able to pull a nice gap through the course. They get a OMT from the judges.

Taka leads and Jeff is on Taka through the course. Great run from Jeff as he mirrors Taka through the course.
Jeff leads, and smacks the wall straightening. Trys to regain composure and drift and smacks the wall one more. Taka moves on

Tanner Foust Vs. Katsuhiro Ueo
Tanner leads and comes out with very nice angle and smoke. Ueo comes out with almost no angle and not in full drift untill he hits the sweeper. Ueo takes a cone out on exit of the course.
Ueo leads and great initiation, Tanner shallow on entry but able to ride Ueo through the sweeper and out the course exit. Tanner moves on

Conrad Gruenwald Vs. Ryan Tuerck
Conrad leads, with Ryan giving chase and staying close to Conrad through the sweeper and out into the peninsula and exit. Good run from both.
Ryan leads, with Conrad on Ryan like velcro. Mirroring him through the sweeper and bettering his angle. OMT is called

Conrad leads, and is able to kick it out and have very nice lines and angle through the course. Ryan stays close but doesnt mirror him as well.
Ryan leads and comes out hot with Conrad giving chase. Conrad goes into the tire wall on the sweeper. Ryan moves on.

Tony Brakahopia Vs. Darren McNamara
DMac leads, and right from the start theres a gap. DMac more nimble and lighter flys through the course with Tony B trying to keep up.
Tony leads, and able to come out strong and hard, trying to pull away from DMac. DMac staying close and able to mirror but spins on exit. Tony moves on

Justin Pawlak Vs. Sam Hubinette
Justin leads, with Sam mirroring JTP through the course. Great speed and angle from both.
Sam leads, with having a gap from the start. JTP able to pull back close and gets super close to the wall on entry into the sweeper. Judges call it OMT

Justin leads, and Sam showing that he can mirror and get close to the wall as well. Very good run from both.
Sam leads, and once again with a gap through the cours. JTP able to recatch up on the sweeper but not enough to get put through. Sam moves on

Vaughn Gittin Jr Vs. Yasu Kondo
JR leads, nice entry and good initation from both, JR’s mustang is smoking out Kondo trough the course. Kondo comes to almost a halt on couse exit.
Kondo leads, and shuts it down and slows to a crawl. Jr runs out the course in full drift. Kondo coasts through. JR moves on

Robbie Nashida Vs. Quoc Ly
Robbie leads, with Quoc able to mirror Robbie but has a gap that he didnt fill till the exit of the course. Good solid run from both.
Quoc leads, and hits the tire wall on entry. Tire wall rebounds him back into drift and is able to run out the course in drift, Robbie is on Quocs bumper the entire run. Robbie moves on

Chris Forsberg Vs. Stephan Verdier

Chris leads with Stephan giving chase and goign wide on entry. Chris with a solid line and angle and Stephan staying semi close, small gap but with not much angle.
Stephan leads, with Forsberg mirroring Stephan through the course, good solid run from both. They go OMT

Chris leads, and comes in hot and fast. Great initiation and close to wall on entry to sweeper. Chris almost comes to a halt at the exit. Stephan able to stay close through course. Comes to a halt to avoid the hit.
Stephan leads, with Chris giving chase and on his back bumper and side skirts through the course. Right up on him through the exit. Stephan moves on

Thanks to for the results.
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Verdier takes out the #1 qualifier and winner of last year’s RD1 Long Beach event, Chris Forsberg, in a close battle. Cool, with Rhys out of the competition i want to see Stephan take it or make it to the podium at least.
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