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When Jaguar's "Gorgeous" campaign TV ads came out a few years back with the XK, some ad critics questioned the none-too-subtle message they contained: older, distinguished gentleman gets to frolic with beautiful young women when he drives this car. Whether or not that's the case -- concerning the ad or in real life -- a new Lamborghini commercial with Sam Hubinette takes that same riff and, being Lamborghini, pushes it even further.

Hubinette and some wet, downtown LA roads show what the car can do, and the spot also shows what the car has. Boasting "features like no other," the first one of which is a Phone Number Collecting Set that appears to specialize in tall brunettes, the car also has an Anti-Boredom Assistant (that engine, a Talk of the Town Guarantee, and a Gets Into All Clubs function0. And that's all before you order it in Giallo Halys (that's Lamborghini-speak for "yellow.")

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