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Sammuel Hubinette 360 Performance Driving Academy- Video

Samuel Hübinette is a professional drift-car champ who has taught elite military squads how to do unreal things with cars. Now he’s about to share those skills with everyday drivers like you and I.
Swedish-born Hübinette, who has lived in Newport Coast since 2001, is bringing his considerable racing skills to the former El Toro air base this weekend in the first program from his company, 360 Performance Driving Academy.

The program will be offered on Saturday and Sunday, though the Saturday event has already filled up with its allotment of 12 drivers.

This weekend’s lessons mark the first of what Hübinette and his business partner and fellow racer Matthew Smith hope will be a monthly program.

Each day this weekend, Hübinette and three other professional racers will be teaching the Performance Program. For $1,695 per person, drivers will learn how to keep control of a car in some hairy circumstances, such as full skids.

“We will have skid pads and put water on them and set up different types of courses to teach them how to drift in figure eights,” Hübinette said.

Basically, students will “learn how to keep a car in control when you think it’s out of control,” he said.
The class will also have an autocross set up so students can learn high-speed maneuvers.
Cars, tires, driving gear and full instructions and a catered lunch are provided. The cars employed in this action are 2008 Corvettes, though if you want you can bring your own car you can.
In all, students can expect a minimum of three hours seat time, Hübinette said of the event, which runs from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day.

As for those who sign up for this type of thing, Hübinette says it’s a “big variety.”
“Some will sign up because they want to learn how to drift. Then you have people who are into cars and just want to get car control and help in their everyday driving, or when they go to a racetrack,” he said.
Hübinette and Smith chose El Toro as the grounds because with its wide tarmacs, it’s safe for this type of performance driving.

“If you lose control at 80 mph, you’ll just slide into to some dust,” Hübinette said.
In the future, Hübinette and his fellow racers are set to teach other courses, such as one in “Strategic” driving, which is based on the training they have done for U.S. military forces that teaches quick maneuvers to “get out of threatening situations.”

Hübinette is offering $200 off for this current event if you type in his first name at the company’s Web site, 360 Performance Driving Academy - Official Website. You can also reach them at 510-459-7223.
Hübinette says that even at full price, the day is a deal in both what you’ll learn and the equipment you’ll get to use: “You’ll be burning up more tires than the cost (of the program) before lunch.”
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