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SEMA 2009- Porsche Panamera

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Some 4 door Porsche pics... I'm not particularly liking the looks of this car and it's just flat out a BIG car...

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I have to agree. The stretched out 911 design isn't great looking. Sedans in general should not have a rounded rear end in my opinion, it just doesnt look right. Not unless it's a hatchback, and even many of those are ugly
Can't afford to buy the exotic, but hoping to own one after 6 years? Used for $25,000 turbo Panamera

If you ever owned 911's, those owner appreciate extra space they get.

Porsche owner has much of brand royalty, so its good for 911 owners to buy Porsche 4 door family car.
0 to 60 in 3.3 seconds... 4400 pound car... serious WTF right there (0-60 time was taken from a Car and Driver I have)
coolest station wagon ever.
i have to agree. even the fabulously rich need to get their kids to horseback riding lessons and stuff. and if you're the kind of rich guy that likes to drive yourself instead of being chauffeured, the panamera is the perfect family car for you!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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