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SEMA Girls

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Just some random pics of the eye candy at SEMA. I am still trying to find the half naked guy models for all you ladies out there but alas there are none to be found. If worse comes to be I will strip to my undies and take a few mirror shots of myself. :aargh:

Back on topic....

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SEMA Girls Day 2!

My job could be worse, I could be taking pics of horses or something...

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The second day was definately better for SEMA girls than the first, I was begining to wonder if there were gonna be any booth babes like usual after the first day. I guess we were in the wrong areas on Tuesday.
Lookin' better.

SEMA Girls Day 3

Last set of pics... - SEMA 2008 Girls

These ladies are actually not SEMA models but workers for one of the foreign companies.

Lord Calvert tried to do something illegal so he could get patted down by this lady. ;)

The girls of Kia!

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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