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Well we are on our way back home. We've been here since Monday and it is has been non-stop action since. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and soon we will be onto the next thing for

If you have not checked out the SEMA forum you are missing out. We not only got some exclusive pictures of all the show cars but also were able to interview Derek Joyce of Hyundai, Genesis Coupe Product Manager. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Special Thanks Hyundai Motor America, Rhys Millen (congrats on the marriage!) and everyone else who helped us on this trip, this includes everyone who encouraged us and gave us interview questions to ask Hyundai.

Main SEMA Forum

Hyundai Interview - Derek Joyce

Rhys Millen SEMA Genesis Coupe Show Car

HKS SEMA Gensis Coupe Show Car

RKSports Genesis Sedan Show Car

The Girls of SEMA!

Thanks! Staff

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This was a awesome trip, can't wait to go back next year! But it's great to be back in the Northwest and relax a little I think me and Sabbasaun both need a little down time to let our legs relax from all the walking we did.
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