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Senior Citizen Street Racing & Car Impounded

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78-year old's Nissan Pulsar impounded after AU street race with Skyline

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A 78-year-old Australian man with a need for speed had his car impounded after being caught racing at 170 km/h (105 mph) on a winding road east of Melbourne on New Year's Day. It seems John Belfield, the senior citizen under the spotlight, is a member of a local Nissan-Datsun sports car club. The club was holding a social run for its members on January 1, and Mr. Belfield was in attendance with his sporty Nissan Pulsar.

When prodded during the drive by a 36-year-old fellow club member in a Nissan Skyline, Belfield couldn't restrain himself and took chase. While it isn't clear who had the lead when the police intervened, the local constabulary did nab both drivers and promptly impounded their cars based on Victoria's "hoon laws" (a series of laws that covers certain types of speeding, burnouts, street racing, screeching brakes, etc...). The violation, according to police records, makes John Belfield the oldest person to have his car impounded under the law... an accolade, of sorts. In his defense, Mr. Belfield pointed out that he is a skilled driver who races cars. We doubt that got him off the hook, as it has never worked for us when we're in our Pulsars

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