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Thats funny people buy it but take the Hyundai insignia off because they don't want people to know its a Hyundai. How vain!
Yeah I was telling myself I would put a crocked H on just to let more people know who made the car. ohwell what can you do.. At least these guys are putting BMW or MB badges on, that would be gay.

It is a reality. My friend still think Hyundai makes only crappy car. He is stuck in the 80' and 90' where the Pony was cheap and realy a bad car. Most of people still thinking their product quality is weak. I'm a Toyota guy but I can see they making huge effort and getting result with good engine and platforms.

However, only time and test driving will tell what the Genesis is really about !
Yeah Hyundai has their work cut out for them and it will take time for that image to change completely. It can be done though as Honda and Toyota used to have the same images when they first came out in the 70' and 80's. Good thing is Hyundai's manufacturing is almost as good as Toyota's as they have modeled many of their techiques after them.

Marketing will also play a key role and Hyundai is doing a great job with the Genesis Sedan.

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