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Here is some info from a guy that went to Hyndai tech training on the coupe.

-Engine is not the 4b11t as previously stated. Its a 2.0L theta II reworked from the 2.4. The 4b11t and all world engines are based off the theta II platform though.

-The turbocharger is not a low-pressure unit as previously stated. The wastegate is electronically actuated by a solenoid switch and is regulated to 1.0bar ~14.7psi from approx 2000rpm until 3500rpm. Exhaust gases then overrun the w/g slightly and boost climbs to approx 1.2bar ~17psi.

-The maximum turbocharger revolution is 180,000rpm, and in use as maximum boost it is spinning at 163,000rpm. This means that boost may not be increased excessively or the turbocharger will become more and more inefficient.

-Turbocharger uses a new 3D compressor wheel which reduced noise, and increases efficieny by 2.5% over previous designs. No information on make, but I'd wager to guess its made by Mitsubishi as they make the turbo for the Caliber SRT4 and EVO X obviously.

-Bypass valve is known as the recirculation valve and is mounted directly onto the compressor housing.

-Intercooler uses plastic endtanks

-Engine block uses oil squirters
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