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Most of this week's Nissan GT-R tuning news has been coming out of the Tokyo Auto Salon, but South Side Performance is making its own headlines. The tuning firm based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is offering a set of upgraded stock turbochargers for the GT-R that have the potential to boost output to 820 hp when used in conjunction with other (undisclosed) performance modifications.

The upgrade consists of swapping out the stock turbos' center section with remachined compressor and turbine housings, sized 68mm and 53.8mm, respectively. The aluminum compressor wheel is good for up to 32 psi of boost, and since the basic hardware remains, the swap appears to be a simple bolt-on affair. According to South Side, the turbos make more power at stock boost levels and provide a linear power band throughout the rev range. is distributing the GTR820RR kit for South Side, and owners can send their stock turbos and $6,499 for the upgrade, with an approximate turnaround time of one week. Of course, the next question is: how will the stock clutches and transmission hold up to the additional power?

Click above for a gallery of the South Side Performance Nissan GT-R turbo upgrade

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