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copied this from by Andrew of GenRacer. I like what I've read on Stance products, so thought I would share...

So Fedex came by and dropped out our first batch of STANCE GR+Plus Coilovers for the Genesis Coupe!

These are hands down the best coilovers you can get in this price range!

We're getting a set of GR-3ways for our shop Genesis Coupe, and we're already running a set on our Unlimited Class Time Attack 240SX. One word summarizes these coilovers, awesome.

GR+ is Stance's main flagship line of coilovers. Oversize diameter shocks allow large pistons for ultimate performance and response. 15-way adjustable damping allows the driver to tune the shocks for any conditions and handling characteristics. With huge range of adjustment that can be felt and seen, GR+ offers serious performance for all levels of drivers. GR+ coilovers are built with highest quality materials and tolerances to ensure durability and performance.

• 15-Way Damping Adjustable
• Upper Pillowball Bearing Adjustable Camber Uppermount
• Upper Pillowball Bearing Pillowball Uppermount
• Spring Cold Wound Linear Spring
• Monotube Inverted Monotube Shocks
• Dustboot Dustboot
• Collar Aluminum Collars & Upper Mounts
• Bracket Height Adjustable Lower Bracket

Features Exclusive to the Genesis Coupe:
• Isolators on the rear springs to reduce noise
• Special bearing spring seat on front shocks to eliminate noise on turning.
• Rear shocks adjustable from the outside

GenRacer has got these listed at $1223.00, which is right down my alley.

A quick list of who runs STANCE coilovers:
Well, us. (240SXMOTORING) Redline Time Attack, Unlimited Class

DSG, Redline Time Attack, Unlimited Class (Oh, that's them behind our car

Stephan Verdier, Formula Drift

Bill Sherman, Formula Drift

And plenty more faces from Formula Drift, NOPI Drift, Redline Time Attack, and more

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hmmmm i like the price and i like they way they look which had me going until they mentioned which league and class they where in road racing, which made me realize they are always behind the AMS evo and a few other evo's in the red line time attack events. but then again it could be driver error, or many other things, but i like too choose parts from winning cars.

hmmmm which they use JIC, or ohlins suspensions i belive.

but then again we shall see maybe they work amazingly for the gen coupe, every car make has there prefrence on certain parts.

i better question is what is rhys millins car running haha?

and even better question is are the 2.0 and v6 running the same suspension as far as the track/r-spec versions? like will they reverse fit each other
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