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Wild Concept Cars at the 2010 LA Auto Show
Automakers look to a brighter future in sunny Southern California.

Optimism is back in style in the automotive world. The concept cars on display during the 2010 LA Auto Show prove that automakers are again willing to take risks and push boundaries. After a couple dismal years of sales due to a global recession, manufacturers are exhibiting a renewed sense of creativity.

Some of the concept cars seen in Los Angeles rely on heritage to spark a new ideas for the 21st century. The aggressive-looking Audi Quattro Concept is a modern interpretation of the German company's famous all-wheel-drive sport coupes from the 1980s.

Other automakers chose to break all the rules and display cars that look ready to take flight or travel through time. The Jaguar C-X75 and Mercedes-Benz Biome concepts are not only wildly futuristic, they're absolutely gorgeous, and a sign of even more good things to come

Wild Concept Cars at the 2010 LA Auto Show on Yahoo! Autos ? Pictures, News

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