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Many thanks for the effort on the remote. I now have the 4.6 black on black and it is one terrific car. I am not looking forward to this winter.

I am a bit frustrated with the knowing looks from all my all wheel drive friends who are quick to tell me of the horrors awaiting me with RWD in the winter. Heres hoping the car has some traction ability.

I will truly appreciate a remote and my dealer has pronmised to come up with a solution by end of November. I will let you know what they come up with.

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You're welcome glickrick, I'm sorry I could not be of more service, but if I hear anything that will be helpful I will let you know immediately.
I know it is of no comfort, but a few months back I was on a site that detailed Hyundai's possibility of AWD systems installed on Genesis vehicles by one of the better known companies out there for developing AWD. Wish I could remember the site, but I really spend so much time retrieving & inspecting info on Genesis cars that it will take me a while to find that info again. It did show a schematic drawing of the setup & the site also showed other schematics of the 5pt multi-link suspension etc. I remember reading that this company has already worked with other major manufacturers like Audi (not sure though). I wish I had saved every link to every bit of info I deemed important over that last couple of years dealing with the Genesis line.
But I do believe tires will be the key, hell, to me tires are one of the most important parts of a car regarding performance, whether it be summer or winter performance. I guess thats why I run Michilin Pilot ZR perfomance tires on my bimmer, its worth the money. Although I admit I do get tired of spending over a grand for rubber every 20k miles. I've been thinking of switching to Kumho Ecsta SPT ZR tires. Kumho has come a long way & it would save me a fortune. If anyone out there has had a chance to run these tires let me know how they are.

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