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Third Day - 11/06/08

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Well this is our third and last day here at SEMA. We hope to see more of the show and get free more free food. I was thinking it was kind of odd to see people drinking beer at 10AM in the morning but after reading some of the Car Domain blogs I'm wondering if it's weird that I'm not drinking. :rofl: Oh yeah because I procrastinated we gotta pack up and load the car up today even though we're not leaving until tomorrow. The hotel didn't have any available rooms for tonight so we don't have any choice but to go... :gay: Yes I know I'm retarded... but all is not bad, we're going to what seems like an even better hotel, the MGM Grand. This time we get two Queen sized beds! Woo hooooo..

More updates to follow!

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Yeah I wanted to see Goldberg he was here somewhere but it's so big and so much going on you lose track of time. A girl in a bikini walked by us yesterday, she's the first model I seen dressed in a bikini here. I hope she was a model and not just dressed in bikini, HAHA!
2:15 pm

Ack!! My feet hurt so bad right now and I think my legs are going to fall off. LOL We were just rushing through the exhibits today as there is still so much to see. We had to take a break though because at least I'm exhausted. Lord C. says it's just mental but screw him. ;) Anyways we're back in the Media Lounge.... I really like this place it's so comfy I could fall asleep right now. Except I'm using the foot massager and my shoes are off and it stinks... BUT I DONT CARE ANYMORE!!! WOOO HOOO!

A bunch more pics will be going up later today so stay tuned. Still have not seen any HKS staff! Ohwell what are you going to do...

End of Day Update and the Strip

Well the week is almost over for us. We just finished walking part of the Strip and while we did we reflected for a split second on our first ever trip to SEMA. We came to the conclusion that we're coming back next year bigger and better and maybe a little more organized. We definitely learned a few things about SEMA. Firstly, this place is bigger than I could ever imagine. Secondly drink lots of alcohol in the morning and at night. If you don't you will never fit in with all the other drunks. ;)

Check out some of the night life and the other posts for more pics. We'll be updating the SEMA section with more pics when we get back so keep checking back.

Where we are staying tonight, the MGM Grand. Notice the cool lights at McDonalds, what kid wouldn't want to eat and gamble here.

We almost stayed here at Planet Hollywood.

Ahh the Eifel Tower, a center piece of the Las Vegas strip.

and for you sports fans:

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We missed Paris Hilton she was making an apperance at the Planet Hollywood last night. We didn't know until we walked the strip and seen a huge lighted up billboard annoucing it. Oh well I don't think we missed to much!
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