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Hello All,

I am hoping you can make this a sticky at the top of this Test thread for the Coupe section.
Since we are just starting with this section, I think we should keep it neat and clean. So I think we should follow a posting format for the links to the reviews. Here is what I have started with, if you think we should add something or remove something, then I will just edit my posts.

Prefix: Road Test/First Drive/Preview/Review/Shotgun: Subject: Web Site: - Title of Article (Example: - Genesis Kicks Butt)
Message Format
1. Link to article. Example:
2. Date Tested: (Month 00, 2009)
3. Author
4. Vehicle Tested: (Base V6/ V6 SE w/ 6AT / etc....)
5. Options: (19" Alloys/Navigation/ etc....)
6. Testers General Opinion: (Positive/Negative/Undetermined)
7. Note (If Needed by poster for his/her comments)

You don't need the numbers, i just wanted to make it clear.

Anyways, Hopefully this will help people looking at reviews and tests of the car.

Edited to add Prefix and examples - GF staff
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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