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TiC Short Throw Shifter Prototype Testing Initial Review

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Initial review of Turn In Concepts Short Throw Shifter

After installation, I test drove the vehicle & returned with video footage of the TIC shifter installed. Then I went to Block Buster to exchange some movies last night & drove to work this morning. The TiC shifter has about a 30% reduction in throw & is MUCH more precise feeling through the gate than the stock unit. This improvement felt about as good as I remember the front shifter bushings did after their installation. But like the front shifter bushings, there is more feed back through gear shifter after doing this mod & it has a more notchy feel now. But thats not a bad thing, since it really lets you know for certain when you are completely in gear. I've been spending time at the track during the last 6 months & have noticed most racing shifters have this same characteristic with some you can actually hear the shifter going into gears. Should have no more problems with missing a gear....

Stock 6sp M/T shifter with TiC front shifter bushings installed

[nomedia=""]YouTube- TiC stock shifter vid.AVI[/nomedia]

Turn In Concepts short throw prototype shifter with front shifter bushings installed

[nomedia=""]YouTube- TiC Short Throw Shifter vid2.AVI[/nomedia]

As for the install, just follow the TiC directions for the front shifter bushing replacement. First remove the center piece of exhaust & set it aside,

Then drop the front of the exhaust down after pulling it loose from the hanger. You should now have enough clearance to easily remove the heat shield. Once you pull the heat shield out, drop down the front of the drive shaft so you can access the shifter.

You don't have to remove the entire shifter assy like when replacing the front shifter bushings. Instead just remove the rubber boot covering the under side of the actual shifter.

There will be two 8mm bolts holding a metal ring in place that keeps the shifter in the proper position. Once these two bolts & the metal ring are removed, you will need to work the shifter loose so it will slide out. Once it is out, remove the plastic gurdle that encases the white pivot ball of the stock shifter. You will need to install this on the TiC unit when going back together.

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