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So much for waiting until after it's first shown at the Pebble Beach and Amelia Island concours events. Benchmark Classics, the collector car firm that managed to procure the only known Tucker convertible in existence, has already placed the machine on eBay, despite the fact that the car's restoration has yet to be completed. It's not really known how this particular vehicle came into existence, with some claiming that it might have been a behind-the-scenes factory effort and others resolutely saying that it's nothing more than an interesting custom.

Regardless of its murky past, the future is looking bright for the droptop Tucker, which is scheduled to be completed in May. Judging from the pictures that have been made available, the car managed to survive in relatively decent shape considering its age, and the restoration work appears to be top notch to our untrained eyes. One thing is for certain: This car is not going to go cheap. The bidding starts at million dollars, but those wishing to cut right to the chase can opt to Buy It Now for $5,000,000.

Click on the image above for a gallery of the Tucker Convertible

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