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New information of 3.8MT tuned is arrived

but I'm sorry that I failed to bring you the best numbers
the guy was not adapted to his tuned car and not good at launching, shifting

but this graph show you some important informations
point on the steep of the graph
more steeper, more faster

and beyond stock car's red zone(6500rpm) the steep of the graph is not lowered down
it means that torque above red zone is still useful to accelerate

it needs
more faster launching(no wheel spin, skillful clutch control)
more later shiftting 2nd gear(close to fuel cut: about 67~70km/h)
more faster shifting speed(within 0.2s like stock car's driver)
not releasing accelerator before finish line
then, this car can mark high 12s~low 13s, i think


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I doubt it could enter into the 12's. However, I bet it can do a 13.5 on an official dragway track on a cool evening in end of summer (hot track because of the sun during the day but cold air).
I would hope a stock unmodified car could hit 13.5 in the best of conditions on a prepped track. I dunno we'll just have to wait and see.. should start seeing some times from the magazines on a production Coupe at the end of March..

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