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Turbocharger Basics and Tutorials

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As we get closer to the release of the Genesis Coupe, I thought it would be prudent to list some sites that had some basic information on turbochargers and how they work. There is also a few links to some more advanced stuff. I do realize many of you already know the basics but there will be those who don't and these links will be good reads. If anyone has any other links post them up. The Garrett turbo lessons (PDF) are available for download as well. Enjoy!

HowStuffWorks "How Turbochargers Work"

Turbocharger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Turbo Tech101 - Turbo Tech102 - Turbo Tech103


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I've learn the advanced stuff on Garrett website 2-3 years ago. Very good site. I even made an Excel file to calculate if the turbo is a good turbo for the application I wanna make based on the turbo's data plot.
Ok, I'll do it tonight. I will post also a turbo data plot as my example reference.
There is the Excel file I built after learning advanced turbo stuff on Garrett Turbo Tech sections, 2 years ago.I ask to anybody who found a logical or data error to tell me and help me make it more accurate as possible.

Yellow cells = you must enter values
Red cells = don't touch those cells : they are constant or formula
Green cells = results you may use with the compressor data plot


DISCLAMER : the numbers in this file are those I think they should be but I don't claim they are accurate at 100% The main goal of this file is to give a good idea of how it is working and how to read a turbo (compressor turbine) data plot.


Hehe the whole Garrett Tech sections to be able make your own scenario
Remember. If you guys find something wrong with a cell wihtin the Excel sheet, just tell me, I wanna know.
By the way, my Excel sheet demonstrate how hard it is to find the good turbo for the engine and the application we wanna do with it. I made a lot of tries before getting closer to point I want.
1 - 5 of 25 Posts
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