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Unconfirmed : Street Concept coupe power

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Regarding the Street Concept V6 Coupe.

I've got something in french.
SEMA 2008 : Hyundai Genesis Coupé Streets Concept

Bottom line they upgrade the 306 HP to 350 HP with exhaust and air intake change...
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If just intake and exhaust net 44hp, that will be a big swing in the v6 direction for me.
Yeah if for just a few easy mods you get 40-50 hp, the V6 will be a serious purchase consideration. My only beef though is the added weight of the car though.
Yep, my mental battle between i4t and v6 boils down to weight/distribution and mpg for i4 versus Power and engine note for v6. I've just never, ever heard a 4-banger that sounded good to me.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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