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The drive to the Motorsport Ranch

Leaving the Red Rock Resort on our way to the Spring Mountain Motorsport Ranch
[ame=""]YouTube - Hyundai Genesis Coupe Press Event - The drive to the Motorsport Ranch, March 24th,2009 Las Vegas[/ame]

Road Course

1.5 Road Course, not too difficult overall but did have a nice elevation change and some sharp corners. An Infiniti G37-S was on hand to compare against.


Short autocross course. they had a RX8 R3 to compare against.
[ame=""]YouTube - Hyundai Genesis Coupe Event - Autocross, March 24th 2009 Las Vegas[/ame]

"Drifting" 101 - Not really drifting per say but it was nice to burn some rubber.

[ame=""]YouTube - Drift 101 at the Hyundai Genesis Coupe Press Event- Las Vegas March 24th, 2009[/ame]

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Big thanks to Stephan Verdier of Team Verdier. He was a blast to drive with and showed us how to get it done at the end of the last video... Keep in mind these were stock vehicles (all Track versions) and you can see that the Torsen LSD does a pretty decent job of allowing you to control that power to the rear wheels.

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