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VW sues Lamborghini O.C. for "outright theft" of $12 million

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Last November, Lamborghini Orange County, formerly the world's largest Lambo dealer, shuttered its doors for good. The reason for the abrupt closing has finally come to light thanks to freshly released court documents from a lawsuit where Volkswagen accuses the dealership of pilfering $12 million in just eight days. According to Lamborghini's corporate overlord, Volkswagen, the Keuylian family sold 54 cars at rock-bottom prices and summarily ran off with the money without paying off its creditors. If true, that leaves VW high and dry, as the dealership had financed the high-end cars through VW Credit.

Two more lawsuits have been filed against the Keuylians by outside parties, claiming that they too are owed money from the erstwhile dealership. We've got to wonder how the dealership managed to fly under the radar while selling off seven cars per day over an eight day period. It's too early to know how this sordid tale will play out, but we don't see it ending well.

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