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Warranty and Modifying delemma

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Hyundai says they have a 10 year 100,000 mile warranty on the drivetrain of their cars. Hyundai is also saying the Genesis Coupe will be a Tuner car. So the delemma I see is that Hyundai is advertising the Coupe a certain way, almost implying that modifications will happen or even encouraging it. So will hyundai support their warranty if a person does modify their car? If not, what kinds of modifications will void the warranty? That being said I don't expect them to back up a warranty if I am running 30 pounds of boost.
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When I get customers who call to inquire about upgrades on their "new" cars and the first thing they ask is "Is this going to void my warranty?" I always answer with these 2 statements. I do not work for the dealer so I do not know.It is up to the dealer of what will void the warranty. If you're concerned about the warranty I would not modify the car.

The main thing to remember is the dealership/company is supposed to be able to prove that what you did to the car caused the issue (whatever it may be). Now we know if your HID ballast burns up that putting an exhaust on the car isnt going to have anything to do with that BUT... its up to the dealer.

In all reality you buy a performance based car to make it better and drive it how it was intended to be driven. If you want a modified performance based car with a warranty.... its simply not really going to happen.

I am buying this car being fully aware that it is the first BRAND NEW vehicle that I have ever bought and it will have about 150 miles on it by time the warranty is voided. I know some of you will think "Well you work at a shop its different." Its really not. I will have a brand new car wit ha $470/mth payment and if I put a rod through the block I still have to buy a new block. If I burn up the ECU I have to buy a new ECU. Im not rich or anywhere near it but im a car enthusiast who wants to make the car more fun and fast.

Its like anything.... if you want to play you're going to have to pay.
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