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Warranty and Modifying delemma

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Hyundai says they have a 10 year 100,000 mile warranty on the drivetrain of their cars. Hyundai is also saying the Genesis Coupe will be a Tuner car. So the delemma I see is that Hyundai is advertising the Coupe a certain way, almost implying that modifications will happen or even encouraging it. So will hyundai support their warranty if a person does modify their car? If not, what kinds of modifications will void the warranty? That being said I don't expect them to back up a warranty if I am running 30 pounds of boost.
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This is the gist...

We've been discussing this on another forum as well. 1st of all I'm not going to be argumentative about this, just stating the facts from the dealers view point & trying to be unbias as possible. Keep in mind that this is only one particular dealership, one particular service dept, & one particular service advisor, so it may vary as you frequent other dealerships. In the end, the people you are dealing with will make he difference.

If you have a particular part that is under warranty & the dealer can not prove that it failed as a direct result from a specific modification that you made or by lack of/improper maintainance that you had preformed elsewhere (other than the dealer), they are required by law to replace that part if it is still under warranty according to their guide lines.

If you have an internal engine part that fails due to the boost being increased & the dealer can prove this is why the part failed, then they have the right to decline that repair. So, to answer your question, yes turning the boost up to 30psi could cause the decline of a repair, esp since Hyundai, in this case, has disclosed that the engine could only take up to 29psi of boost.

Hyundai has promoted these engines as tuner friendly, but that does not mean they intend to warranty it if it is modified. I will say this though, Hyundai is pretty lax with regards to mods done on their vehicle brand compared to most other manufacturers. Minor mods such as CAI's & catback exaust hardly ever cause a decline on a repair. When they do, it is usually due to the customer installing or having installed the airflow meter/sensor in backwards after a CAI installation. Which I can't fathom since there are arrows on the part showing the direction in which the air should be flowing.

Part of the reason Hyundai has such a small turbo installed on the 4 cylinder & the boost turned down is so they can warrant this engine 10yrs/100,000 miles. They also did it so people would have a reason to choose the 6 cylinder over the turbo4. Finally, of course is fuel economy. So if you plan on turning the turbo up, don't count on Hyundai warranting the engine. Although, I'm hoping if we are still using the factory turbo, we install a better flowing I/E, have the turbo turned up, then the vehicle tuned, that this will not void our warranty.

This will be the 1st time that I've had the opportunity to deal with Hyundai's warranty regarding turbos. So, it is new territory for me. I am happy that the factory turbo itself will covered 5yrs/60k miles from my understanding, unlike most manufacturers 3/36 basic (bumper to bumper) warranty.

I've been working as a Hyundai service advisor for the same svc dept for over 10yrs & I can tell you this, I know Hyundai makes good, dependable, quality cars & parts that last a long time as of late & I trust this GenCoupe will be no different. In fact, I think it will be built even better/stronger than anything else thay the have built up to date, due to the fact they know we as consumers are going to be hard on both these engines, transmissions, suspensions, & brakes. They do not want word of mouth going around that they make weak parts after all this time, money, & energy they have spent trying to get their tainted past cleared up. In fact, if you compare the 3.8L V/6 being used in the GenCoupe to all the other variants being used in other Hyundai vehicles (Entourage, Veracruz, Azera, & even Genesis sedan) there is alot of difference. Block thickness & cooling jets on the underside of pistons, just to name a couple.

With that said, one of the 1st things I'm doing after the break in period & my 1st oil change at 3,750mi, is to switch to Mobile1 synthetic oil. Second, I will take my car down to the dump & put it on the scales & have it weighed with a 1/4 tank of gas. Third, I will take the car to be Dyno tested at Buschur or where ever I intend on having my tuning done. Fourth, I will purchase I/E & install parts. Fifth, I will return to Buschur to have the turbo turned up & vehicle retuned. Sixth, I will have vehicle dyno tested again to see my gains. I hope at this point the I'm still under warranty, but I am not counting on it. I will then roll like that for a year or two before doing any other engine mods.

Eventually, I will purchase the rest of my go fast parts , install them, retune, & dyno again at Buschur etc....
Note: When I replace my turbo with a GT35r, I don't expect Hyundai to warranty my engine if this caused it to fail.

With that said, I'm actually a rather easy service advisor to get along with. I win the quarterly award for highest CSI for my region (south east) on a regular basis & for good reason, I take care of my customers, I'm honest, & unbias. My job is to represent the dealership & the customer, so I'm a mediator of sorts. I have 7yrs of college in the environmental field, but continue to do this because of my love of cars & the care for my customers. Most of my customers have told me if I ever dared leave that they would follow me to what ever dealer I went to. If I left the field, they said they would be out of sorts. So, I'm still here doing what I do, even though I'm burnt out. If anyone ever has a question regarding a Hyundai or it's warranty, please just ask. That's what I'm here for & it's better to know prior to rather than aft.

Sorry, so long winded, but I thought this was a topic that needed discussing in depth.:zzz:

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Thanks for all the good headsup on this stuff Tufast.:groupbow:
You are all welcome guys, that's what I'm here for. Take advantage of my knowledge & insight. I can also help when it comes to dealing with the dealer too.:rofl:

^^^...+1...CAI & catback have no effect on P/S system & should have been covered up to 5yrs/60k, unless line was damaged during installation of after market parts. Should have asked to meet w/DPSM to present case, then would have probably been covered. Only thing possilbly not warranty from above mods might be MAF if installed backwards could cause it to burn out.

As for paint, there is no mod other than having a panel repainted yourself after purchase that would disqualify it for coverage if peeling, 3yrs/36k. The wing is not metal, therefore would not be eligible for anti-perforation.

It's nice to hear of a Service Advisor who actually takes pride in their work and knows what they're talking about. We also have very high CSI, highest in our region (south central) for the last quarter of 2008, and second highest for one month and three month. I work in parts, and am a member of a few other forums. I have had numerous job offers from some of our wholesale customers... lol. I told them I'd keep it in mind, but I am very happy where I am right now. I would be happy to answer anyone's questions about parts, parts availability, part numbers, etc.

Back on topic... Hyundai is pushing this as a tuner car, and one of the trim levels (later in the model year) will be a "stripped" 4 cyl turbo, marketed directly at tuners. They made the car available to aftermarket companies for parts development way before it actually went into production. The only problems I can foresee would be narrow-minded (and usually ill-educated) service departments.
+1...on the narrow minded svc depts, my boss is a little that way, but he gives me a pretty long rope. I know how to handle about any situation & how he would react to it. So he just leaves me be, preferring not to ever come into the svc lane, if he don't have to. His title is parts & svc coordinator, but he runs parts & I run svc.

I've also been offered jobs in this field since working here, but refuse to leave. You ask why? can you believe my customers. Yep, I have customers I've been seeing for decade & I'm taking care of their kids cars now. Not to mention all the little old widows I have to make sure are good to go. The job offerings consisted of 2 svc mgr positions (another Hyundai dlr & Kia) & 3 advisor positions (BMW, Mercedes/Volvo, & another Hyundai svc dpt). But' I'm here to stay, unless I decide to change fields. I've got 7yrs education in the environmental arena.LoL

Sorry off of topic, but seems it's been covered pretty thoroughly anyway.

I called Hyundai's main office and asked about my tib.The lady told me that the car is still under warranty if the parts are for that car.She said you can't get a honda CAI and put it on or ect.Now i heard with the Genesis if you use the aftermarket parts that they want you to use then the warranty is still good.
A CAI for a Hyundai or Honda will not vary much from each other as far as form & function. A CAI purchased from Hyundai & installed by a Hyundai svc dept can't be claimed to be incorrect part for car or installed incorrectly. The warranty is good whether you use parts provided at a Hyundai dealership or where ever you get them, as long as they don't cause damage to another part from their installation or operation. Hyundai will not void your warranty for having after market parts installed, it's against the law to do so. But, if a part you install causes failure of another part, then that part is not covered under warranty.

IMO, one more things to consider, this car is built during the economy trouble. I believe that means something (cheaper parts, cutting cost here and there). Hyundai is a business, so income always comes first. Marketing mean sales, they will market the car anyway they want to get sales, again in this kind of economy condition. I would get to know more about the dealer before you make the purchase. Sales department and service department is like dogs and cats.

as for warranty, i would not count too much on warranty if you are modding you car. The dealer will find ways to make money, again in this kind of economy. If it's possible, could any of you please post some maintenance cost numbers? I have a feeling they gonna charge higher for the maintenance of this car.

The cure for all this is the economy and it won't be until at least 3 years from now.

But this is just my opinion.

I have to disagree w/your point regarding this car being built in a difficult ecomomic time leading to the use of cheaper parts. One thing I've learned about Hyundai is they are not going to use sub-par parts whlle trying to build their reputation & instill trust into the consumer. The only way they would use "cheaper" parts is if they are of the same build quality as the more expensive parts, but are simply as a lower cost.

I do agree however that Hyundai is in business to make money, as all business' are. But they, like other business' have been doing will find areas that they can cut fat w/o effecting their product or the customer's perception of that product.

I totally agree w/getting to know your dealership sales & svc depts prior to making purchase. You may even find a sales dept better at one dealership & a svc dept better at another. I can't vouch for most dealerships, but can say for myself, that I have been very understanding in these economic troubled times. I have not put as much emphasis on routine svcs.

Don't be afraid to mod your car but, remember when ever you do that the question will pop up if it pertains to the concern.

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people shouldn't be afraid to mod their cars a little because of the warranty. a turbo back exhaust will never ever ever hurt your engine. an fmic upgrade should never ever ever hurt your engine. an intake should never ever ever hurt your engine.

however, throwing a boost controller on there and maxing out the stock turbo WILL hurt your engine.

it alllllllllllllll depends on what you do.

& I'll add, that sometimes things that shouldn't hurt your engine, can if installed improperly. For instance, regarding the intake, if a CAI is installed on a car w/a MAF & the MAF is reassembled backwards, so that airflow is going in the wrong direction, it will damage tha MAF. Not huge deal, but those things are kinda expensive. So, just pay attention how it comes apart & make sure you put back together the exact same way.

When I get customers who call to inquire about upgrades on their "new" cars and the first thing they ask is "Is this going to void my warranty?" I always answer with these 2 statements. I do not work for the dealer so I do not know.It is up to the dealer of what will void the warranty. If you're concerned about the warranty I would not modify the car.

The main thing to remember is the dealership/company is supposed to be able to prove that what you did to the car caused the issue (whatever it may be). Now we know if your HID ballast burns up that putting an exhaust on the car isnt going to have anything to do with that BUT... its up to the dealer.

In all reality you buy a performance based car to make it better and drive it how it was intended to be driven. If you want a modified performance based car with a warranty.... its simply not really going to happen.

I am buying this car being fully aware that it is the first BRAND NEW vehicle that I have ever bought and it will have about 150 miles on it by time the warranty is voided. I know some of you will think "Well you work at a shop its different." Its really not. I will have a brand new car wit ha $470/mth payment and if I put a rod through the block I still have to buy a new block. If I burn up the ECU I have to buy a new ECU. Im not rich or anywhere near it but im a car enthusiast who wants to make the car more fun and fast.

Its like anything.... if you want to play you're going to have to pay.
This is exactly how I feel. I know I will be voiding much of the warranty once I start my mods & I accept that. I too am not rich & will possibly be making payments. I am well aware that I may have to cough up the cash for an ECU, block, etc if I mess up the OEM parts. Although, I will upgrade anytime possible when replacing parts.

Good points, & yeah dboz, repairing my car can get expensive quick.

I'm 39 & beat on my cars pretty hard considering my age. But, I accept any mechanical failure that arrises & don't get very upset, because I know more than likely my driving habits probably caused the failure. I also know enough about cars & mods to know when something broke due to something I did or something that should be warranty. Therefore, I will not get upset if Hyundai doesn't cover something I know is my fault. If it's not my fault or my mod that caused the failure & they decline, I will ask to meet with the DPSM.

By the way, the best way to get stuff covered is to get in good with the svc mgr. Upon inquiry about the vehicle (test drive etc.), go back & meet them being inquisitive & cordial.. Meet with them again upon purchase getting a few more details, showing you respect their knowledge & maybe p/u an accessory (i.e ipod cable), just to show you want to do business with them. Bribary works too.

Well, I'd say this was well written, but I don't agree with one part of the content.

No Dealership has the 'right' to deny any warranty claim for any reason unless they can prove an aftermarket part was the root cause of the issue. Many dealers will attempt to do this, but they do not have that right.

I've dealt with my fair share of issues. Last year my car had problems with the Supercharger, and I was denied warranty because I had a Stage 2 kit installed in the car. It took me 5 months of fighting with the dealership and their district service manager, but in the end I got it fixed.

It just depends on how educated you are with the 'rules'. The dealers will always try to rip you off if it saves them money.
I agree that dealerships do not have the right to decline claims that are not directly related to a mod or the installation of that mod. Although, I don't think any of the above comments said that they had the right, just that they would try to avoid coverage. But, like you said, they will try to decline most repairs most of the time if your car has been modified, because they don't want to be responsible to Hyundai if a claim is declined & then they are charged back for that repair. You're also right in that it is up to you (the customer) to insist on meeting with the DPSM in order to try to get the claim covered. If the DPSM declines (which does not happen often), it will get a little more difficult & may not be worth the time or trouble for most to proceed.

My comments were mostly directed at what Cruiserdude was saying. The way he wrote his info really came off as if he was saying they had the right to do this. Perhaps I just took it the wrong way.
It's cool. I work for dealership svc & we don't have the right to deny claims unless we can prove they are not due to a manufacturers defect, but instead are due to an outside force. I want the customer to always get what they deserve, good or bad.

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