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Warranty and Modifying delemma

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Hyundai says they have a 10 year 100,000 mile warranty on the drivetrain of their cars. Hyundai is also saying the Genesis Coupe will be a Tuner car. So the delemma I see is that Hyundai is advertising the Coupe a certain way, almost implying that modifications will happen or even encouraging it. So will hyundai support their warranty if a person does modify their car? If not, what kinds of modifications will void the warranty? That being said I don't expect them to back up a warranty if I am running 30 pounds of boost.
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deff awsome info! but as you stated it depends on the service department and how far there willing to work with you. I can say for a fact i own a 03 sonata thats got a lil mods done (cai,exhuast, simple mods), my warrenty was denied for a power steering line, how the two co-inside no idea to me, and my boy who drives an 05 evo went to replace his wing becasue the clear coat wore off, they denied his warrenty also beacuse his car was modded so, long island dealers are rough lol
yea, in my case i was 18 and dident kno any better, and on my friends case the wing is was a stock mistsbishi evo wing, it was quite funny watching his reaction, but non the less total b.s
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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