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Ok so today is my b-day, Im old now.
Friday nitght I went out for an Epic pub crawl...taking the bus back home from SF through west Oakland at 3AM is interesting... West Oakland is called Ghost Town, Ghost Town, Oakland, California - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I had a blast and so did everyone that went with us:)

Saturday was chill,

Anyway this Sunday an area spacific forum for the make and model of my car imploded. the site owner didn't put any time and energy into the forum, It came to a head sunday afternoon, and at the urging of a few friends I set up a forum on an old URL I had and we pulled 90% of the active membership of that site within 6 hours. We are now pulling members, and vendors from a few of this owners other sites...

the site had been up for around 48 hours with 150 people having signed up, and during the day we get between 30-40 active members posting. its now well over 2500 post and climbing.

Its been nuts, I'm going to have to nut up soon and get a detacated server to keep up with the load.

I'm posting this just as a warning to everyone that runs a forum, Take care of your member base, or someone else will.

I love this site here, I will try to post from time to time, but I will be kinda bussy now.

Take care all!
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