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What can we do to make Genesisforums a better place?

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Well for the new year we want get an idea of what everyone wants to see out of this forum. Is it more articles? More sub-forums categories? contests? technical articles? We want to make this your first stop for Genesis information so let us know what you guys want!

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Sorry to resurrect an older thread, but ive been spoiled over at and think it would be great to have a similar setup as theirs as far as functionality...this color scheme is great and the content is pretty great but it is still hard to navigate...and a chatbox would be great to keep people from having to post just to least thats my .02
not a problem...i intend to spend a lot of time on here so i figured i could try to make it better than them
hmmmm...since ive started to play around on the site it has gotten easier to use...i figured out i have to refresh more often to see when new posts are made...i cant offer anything constructive so ill adapt...
1 - 3 of 58 Posts
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