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What can we do to make Genesisforums a better place?

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Well for the new year we want get an idea of what everyone wants to see out of this forum. Is it more articles? More sub-forums categories? contests? technical articles? We want to make this your first stop for Genesis information so let us know what you guys want!

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home page looks a bit cluttered IMO. Also, since you guys are using the "25 newest posts on home page" type thing... is there any way to filter out what sub forums you pull from... cluttering up the main page with every new post that was posted in the "RSS feeds" or "Other discussion" forums is kinda hosing the home page down. What people want to see on the main home page is mostly (IMO) "what have the vendor's come up with now", "has anyone cracked the ECU", "HYUNDAI now guarantees warranty even if you mod" etc. type of stuff.
Damn & I was so expecting you guys to step up.:flame:jkg:rofl:

So we are going to see bigger font in the near future right?:dunno:
Hahaha, if you need bigger font, Tufast, either put on your glasses or use the windows built in Magnifying glass :rofl:

Also you can hold down the CTRL key while using the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out :jester:
1 - 2 of 58 Posts
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