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What does everyone do for a living?

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What do you all do for a living? Doctor? Assasin? Alien? Retired? Military?

I wear several hats. I am a CTO of a startup online crm solutions provider, co-own a startup media company. Hopefully one of the above takes off and I can make millions but until then I also work as a broadband services technician for a Utility company.

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Canada Revenue Agency (STOP THROWING THINGS AT ME JEEEEEEEEEEEEZ!!!) and photographer. One pays the bills, one is what I love to do.

Hopefully, that second one will become both, eventually. ;)
You son of a bitch.


hahah and lol @ Mister!

More like Mister Soccer coach! haha awesome!!!!
Hey, you leave my mother out of this and I'll leave this... You know the rest. *grin*

On the upside, I'm actually one of the guys who makes sure everyone gets their GST/HST cheques. I just do system testing. It's not like I'm collections. Anymore. ;)
Hahah thank.... you...?


I work in logistics, i'm a buyer. wooo numbers!
1 - 2 of 108 Posts
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