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What does everyone do for a living?

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What do you all do for a living? Doctor? Assasin? Alien? Retired? Military?

I wear several hats. I am a CTO of a startup online crm solutions provider, co-own a startup media company. Hopefully one of the above takes off and I can make millions but until then I also work as a broadband services technician for a Utility company.

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Part-time Pharmacy intern at CVS and full-time Doctor of Pharmacy student, and soon to be legal drug dealer. :D haha

I also have my own detail business on the side that I just run from the house. It's fun, especially when I get to clean up some really fun toys like these:

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lol wtf?? I hope I didn't bring this about somehow. I mention my future pharmacist career and all of a sudden spammer advertisements pop up for Xanax. Blah.
NOOOO! Save me. I hate spam too. Especially in a can. It doesn't even taste good :(
Off with his head!

:D lol

And one more random pic of a fun detail job I've had (this guy took this monster off roading constantly, it took forever with a powerwasher to get all the mud out from underneath, UGH!)

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1 - 4 of 108 Posts
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