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What does everyone do for a living?

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What do you all do for a living? Doctor? Assasin? Alien? Retired? Military?

I wear several hats. I am a CTO of a startup online crm solutions provider, co-own a startup media company. Hopefully one of the above takes off and I can make millions but until then I also work as a broadband services technician for a Utility company.

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Server at a mexican restaurant. Trying to be hired as a police officer.
Accountant working for a global consumer packaged goods company in Toronto... people tell me what numbers they want, and I find a way for them to make sense. :) .... now if only I could find my damn calculator! :dunno:
What do you all do for a living?
Retired PoPo. Now in sales.
im in the canadian army,in the artillery since 3 years,and i will be working for garda this years!
Well i am working in a hospital.I am a doctor.Been working for two years now.Its nice to know what other members do for living.
LOL still looking for a job haha but at least I'm going to UTI to be an auto tech. so travolta what kind of doctor are you
I am a life coach by profession. I offer life coaching services and also teach spiritual life improvement and how to improve your emotional intelligence.
101 - 108 of 108 Posts
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