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Just took ownership of an awesome:
2011 Hyundai Genesis in Titanium Grey with Black Interior :shifting:
- V8 Engine with Technology Package (loving it btw)
- CPO Used Price with everything fully loaded = 36000
- Purchase Price with trade in Azera (2006 with 68000K and minor dings/dents and owing $4600) = $28000
- Owner Disposition? VERY HAPPY with car.

Question for everyone else: Was this a fair price to pay?
Congrats and that seems to be a fair price since it is a v8 car wth the tech pkg

i have a genesis sedan. i kept thinkin about a coupe but when it came down to it, the family deserves to be riding in style with me. agreed?
Congrats and yes the sedan is a much better choice when it comes to the family

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2015 3.8 all-wheel drive sedan
Empire State gray with black leather
Signature package
$70 a month for insurance
$385 a month lease with no money down for 36 months
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