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What are you plans for your new genesis coupe? It can be a v6 or the 2.0T model.

Please tell what model your are getting?(2.0Track, 2.0Rspec, V6 track, V6 Rspec....etc)

Genesis 2.0 Turbo Track

What are your goals???

A 11.5-12.0 Second Street-Car. Nothing to fancy a sleeper type of vehicle... Oh yea, this is all I can think of right now. :)

Performance Wise.

Intercooler Piping Kit
Head ported & polished
Synapse Blow off Valve or Tial 50 mm


Black Halo headlights
Black Grill(Unless stock)


Boost Gauge
Leather Steering Wheel Cover

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Base 2.0T
A True sleeper

Somewhere around a high 10second car
Not a daily by any means but could be daily driven

Head work
Cams + springs and retainers
Top Mount front facing 35r or a Borg Warner
Custom intake for turbo
Big FMIC (black)
Piping (aluminum)
Tial BOV (50mm) and WG (44mm)
I'll probly run open downpipe (what can i say i like loud)
Some sort of ECU flash/tune
Fuel Pump
I'd like to see if the AMS rods and pistons for the EVO X would work in this black
Probly some motor and tranny mount inserts (don't want solid mounts)

Have to see how the seats feel
Boost Oil and Wideband gauges (not on the A pillar)

19x10.5 wheels in the back and 19x8.5 in the front
bottom lip on the front bumper
Something to make the grill look better!
I'll likely nightshades the tail lights

More to come in time! Shopping for sponsors now!

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I plan to to build a fun all around car like my Evo was. A true street car that I can drive to dinner, head to the track & rip off some 10 second passes while being able to turn the boost down a bit and do some track days. Once we accomplish that and it gets boring then we'll light the wick and go for more. :)

I will definitely do wheels and some other visual mods like tint the windows, do something with the tails, maybe a CF lip but as of now I dont plan on a body kit or anything like that unless a front end shows up that I really like. Other than that the body will stay stock for the most part.

For those that arent familiar with my Evo here is a link to my feature in Turbo Magazine:

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I plan to to build a fun all around car like my Evo was. A true street car that I can drive to dinner, head to the track & rip off some 10 second passes while being able to turn the boost down a bit and do some track days. Once we accomplish that and it gets boring then we'll light the wick and go for more. :)

I will definitely do wheels and some other visual mods like tint the windows, do something with the tails, maybe a CF lip but as of now I dont plan on a body kit or anything like that unless a front end shows up that I really like. Other than that the body will stay stock for the most part.

For those that arent familiar with my Evo here is a link to my feature in Turbo Magazine: 2004 Mitsubishi Evolution VIII - Turbo Magazine
Great article Jarrod it gives me something to shoot for with my own car.


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^ yea evo's are the sh!t, so are the 4g63t motors. They've been around for a while. But they Mitsubishi had retire those engines.
I remember their infamous crank-walk. Out with the 4g63t in with the 4b11t!!!

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2.0 TRACK for sure as personal car and company car should be 3.8

Turbine, I like RXR from Power Enterprise using IHI

But, even my car will be using company plan and most likely will be Garrett due to relationship in Korea

Still not able to speculate internal of engine capacity, but streetable 300hp to 500hp. Full boost 1.5 bar may go 600hp.....I can't say for certain at this moment, but its our goal.

We send demo car to Japan, and Japanese partners are being developing following parts for our car. Therefore, I believe following parts will be use at USA side as well.

LSD : 2 way Cusco
Clutch : Ogura twin or triple...varies by need
Suspension : DG-5 , 30 increment compression adj., height adj, aluminum camber kits
Under chassis : Cusco multi reinforce under braces
Engine Damper : NRG or Tein with customize brackets
Brake : Brembo pad upgrade to Dixcel Japan
Wheel : Advan RS 19" or Volk Racing RE30 limited 19"

Tire : Kumho or Hankook sponsor tire for street and racing
Pedal kit : RSW

Race Technologies Caliper : Brembo 6 pot upgrade in consideration and 2pc floating rotors
Hoses : prefer SAMCO intake and intercooler pipe replacement, but should be using custom made stainless at first.
Intercooler : any Taiwan brand or Korean made ones

ECU : BC-100 storing 3 different reflash programs or add to following navigation to reflash by touch screen.

Navigation w/ rear camera option + vehicle information displaying ecu output signal of ~ oil temp, water temp, oil pressure, egt, boost, etc. Detail will be post in our PXL section.

Current, we are testing US map and function of navigation only. VID will be added and test here in USA soon on NF Sonata similar Theta engine, since we don't have Gen Coupe here.

Trunk spoiler : this may be only drawing or dreaming, but in board height adjustable rear blade type wing.
To do this, its best to make trunk replacement with flush in type spoiler similar to Porsche Boxter. Since Gen Coupe has tiny trunk, replacement may not cost too much. The manufacturer in Korea will soon post in one of the popular site like BKMANIA to see any interest to project sales. Economy is pretty bad in Korea, so trying to avoid big investment.

Front bumper : HKS prefer
Side : carbon side cups...not full skirt like Nismo N2 for Z car
Rear : carbon diffuser

Muffler : JUB BL or any Japan made in consideration

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Hey, that is great news. The v6 would definitely be a torque monster!!!:yikes: I am still with you on the 2.0t track model. But I hope that it will sell when the base model comes out. But hopefully I can wait until summer if thats when Hyundai releases. I see that you are upgrading the factory LSD?? I'm pretty sure the clutch will need upgrading. I drove a manual tiburon around, and man those clutches are not good. 600whp or 600hp at the crank? Me I am hoping around(600 crank). I also hear that the connecting rods should be the first thing to upgrade... I think the 2.0 block can with stand about 500hp. Post pics of if you can. I am going to make a list of what I need. Pretty soon.:read: Its good you have a pretty good idea of what you are getting. Japanese parts..HKS is already in. I seen the stock intercooler. Wow that thing is tiny. I think we all need an aftermarket front bumper. Not feeling the hks front bumper, but the rest looks good. I guess you want that cause it can get some air into that massive intercooler. This cars seems to be very restrictive. From the intercooler, intake, all they way until the exhaust(got damn emissions crap). I guess the first thing to think about is how to get things flowing better. Oh yea, how is strong is the driveshaft and the axles?Can u ask them about that since they used the sludge hammer to break the conn rods. Maybe they can smash the axles with that .:rofl: Just joking :jester:. please and . Sounds like you guys are going to have a blast. This is getting me pumped up :clap:. I can't wait until the release of this car.

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What's yout mod list?

What's your to-do list when you pick up your car? Mine is as follows:

1. get a bigger FMIC, and hard pipes
2. Intake and exhaust
3. drop springs and maybe shocks
4. manual boost controller and a boost gauge
5. wideband AFR meter

After I get that stuff done I'll leave it relatively stock and drive it till I get bored and decide I want more power. At that point I'm sure the domestic aftermarket will have more parts available, so I plan to:

6. upgrade the turbo and exhaust manifold (I'm thinking maybe GT3076R)
7. I'm sure the bigger turbo will max out the stock fuel injectors, so I'll upgrade those
8. I'm sure I'll be maxing out the stock clutch, so that will get upgraded as soon as it's worn out or starts slipping too badly

I don't plan on making a ton of power, I think I'll be happy with 350 - 375 whp. I also plan on throwing some different wheels on it eventually, maybe I'll do that when I get bored of looking at the stock wheels.

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I'm sure I've listed this B4, but I'm so pumped I don't mind listing it again

R-Spec 2.0t 6spM/T

Black out headlamps w/clear corner lens & install 7,500 HID bulbs
Tint windows
Paint roof & center of hood black
Shave deck lid emblem
Modify front bumper bezels & install mesh
Front brake ducts
Rear deck lid spoiler
Lighter racing wheels & lug nuts
Lighter racing tires with more grip

Aftermarket gauges
Aftermarket receiver, amp & sub
Aftermarket shifter & knob
Aluminum heel/toe pedals

Change brake fluid
SS brake lines
Aftermarket brake pads
Aftermarket slotted rotors

Change M/T gear oil
SS clutch line
Racing twin disc clutch w/light weight single mass flywheel

Change engine oil
Accumulator & breather
Silicon radiator hoses
Aftermarket radiator
Turbo Blanket & heat wrap tape
SS exhaust manifold heat shield
Downpipe w/HiFlow converter
Single exit catback exhaust
Big bore T-body
P&P intake & exhaust manifolds
Intake manifold thermal barrier gasket
Dual stage MBC
Aftermarket FMIC & piping
Aftermarket BOV
BPV block off plate
Aftermarket Internal WGA
Larger injectors
1 range colder spark plugs
WOT box
Aftermarket stiffer motor mounts
Smaller washer reservoir
Aftermarket braided fuel lines for return fuel setup
Aftermarket fuel pressure regulator
Aftermarket inline filter
Aftermarket oil feed & return lines
Aftermarket oil cooler
Aftermarket P/S cooler
Mini battery
Custom tuning solution

CF functional heat extractor hood painted red to match on edges with black center
Aerocatch hood pins
CF grille painted black to match hood stripe
CF door mirrors painted to match
CF rear diffuser
CF shaved deck lid painted to match
CF wing
CF canards painted to match

TD05HL-18G turbo upgrade
2.4L stroker kit with sleeves
Forged pistons & rods
Upgraded cams
Upgraded rings & bearings
Upgraded head bolts & gasket
Upgraded valve springs/seats
P&P head/valve job
Custom tune

Coil overs
Adjustable control arms
Adjustable rear traction rods
Rear cross strut tower brace
Larger adjustable anti-sway bars

Roll cage
Racing seats
Racing 6pt harness'
Remove airbag system

GT3071 turbocharger
Aftermarket exhaust manifold
External Wastegate
Aftermarket intake manifold
Upgraded fuel pump
Even bigger injectors as needed
Custom tune


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Well I don't plan to go that hog wild but I will say those are very ambitious and functional mods.
I want a dark silver premium package I think, hopefully with the factory upgraded exhaust and intake
Get rid of that horribly ugly front grill and hope to god they make a fix for the lower fascia too, if not I'm really digging that HKS body kit
I'd rather add Wilwoods later with 2 piece calipers so they aren't heavy like stock brembos are notorious for
Look for the lightest 19-20" wheel I can find and get the one cheaper than that haha, had RPF-1s and loved them but want forged this time around
Wait patiently for Ohlins, Koni, or Penske to make a bolt on coilover setup
Wait patiently for whiteline to make adjustable sway bars
Have the magicians at my local shop tune it as soon as opensource is available
I'd much rather take my car to the local autocross than the dragstrip. I'm sure in the coming months we'll find out all the tricks to shedding some of the fat from the 3500lb curb weight, then I'll be putting it all back in with stereo stuff haha. Let's face it, if I wanted a race car, I'd be sticking with my 240 and stripping it. Starting at 2750lbs>3500lbs
The more rotational mass I can drop the better, wheels, rotors, driveshaft, flywheel, clutch, etc then I can worry about CF hoods and such

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Hey John, there's updated info on the weight. It's down to 3300lbs-2.0t & 3400lbs-3.8L, but the R-Spec weight info has not been released yet...I'm hoping for <3200lbs.

I've done all kinds of tasteful asthetic mods & all kinds of N/A V/8 performance mods, but I've never really went all out & have always wanted to. So, I figure I'll make this the one. This will also be my 1st time doing performance mods to a smaller displacement engine, as well as, being my 1st FI car. So, any input would be helpful.

P.S. You reminded me, I forgot about front & rear anti-sway bars...edit...LoL

P.S.S. I thought about the brakes, I may upgrade rotors & pads eventually, but I'm not going all out for a big brake kit - too much$$$ & I'm already spending a lot


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As long as you can do lightweight rotors and you're not a serious contender, the brembos are a viable option. The only reason I like wilwood is because their support and pad selection is top notch. I may just get a track edition but its too soon to tell. Its not like Nissans where take offs from the top dogs fit the cheaper models, the genesis coupe will be THAT model for Hyundai

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Well, do you think I should go ahead & figure on getting the upgraded rotors & pads anyway? Considering everything else I'm doing, the last thing I want to do is slack in the stopping dept. This car will see autoX & the drag strip for sure, maybe even some drifting eventually. Perhaps I'm just expecting more out of these brakes than I should be. People who have tested the car in Korea & done reviews say that the brakes are phenominal being one of the stronger points of the vehicle.


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ill be getting the 4cyl with a sun roof *because i miss having one* and the sound system
and if that model doesnt come with LSD *i hope it does thought* ill swap the lsd rear end in. with track version suspension and i have to have the front and rear 4 pot brembos

nitto NT01's
1200cc injectors
buschur dual fuel pump
some sort of front mount
dejon manual boost -if ecu boost cant be done threw stock ecu
3" turbo back exhaust
buschur/fp red equivilent turbo
wilson equivilent stealth intake mani.
k&n drop in filter
bigger throttle body
jun/kelford/cosworth type of 272 cam
i already have spare widebands waiting to go in :-D
twin plate exedy clutch
ecuflash equivilent
evoscan equivilent
and lots of e85 <3 :-D
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