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Wild ride for Stoney Creek Hyundai car salesman

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Here 's a funny news story involving a Genesis sedan.:read:

By John Burman, The Hamilton Spectator
HAMILTON - The test drive from hell started when a man admiring a $47,000 plus Hyundai Genesis suddenly grabbed the keys and dove in behind the wheel.

What followed was a wild ride up and down Parkdale Avenue North Tuesday afternoon that ended with an arrest in Brantford.

Hamilton police say a man walked into Hamilton Hyundai around 2:30 p.m. and took the top of the line Genesis shortly afterwards.

“He was walking around in the showroom and asked for the keys to one,” sales manager Sean Wilson said today.

“There was something about him,” says Wilson, who has learned a lot about human nature in his 11 years in car sales. “I figured I would walk around with him.”

The man went over to the Genesis parked outside, asked a few questions and asked Wilson to unlock it. Then he said he wanted to hear it run and snatched the keys from the salesman’s hand, jumped behind the wheel and started it up.

“I hopped in the back and next thing he’s doing 100 kilometres an hour up Parkdale, telling me to get out.”
When Wilson refused to get out the first time the man stopped the car, he drove the wrong way at high speed up one side of Parkdale against oncoming traffic.

The Genesis, says Wilson, “has 290 horses and he used all of them.”
“He stopped again and yelled, ‘Do you want to get out now?’
“So I said OK and got out.”

As Wilson headed back to the dealership, the car disappeared.
About 4:30 p.m., the same man drove into the Brantford Hyundai dealership on Powerline Road and a salesperson noticed the car had no plates and a Hamilton Hyundai price sticker on it.
The driver claimed he was making an inter-dealer delivery and said he wanted another car or a ride back to Hamilton.

A quick check with Hamilton revealed the car was stolen. The dealership called the OPP and stalled the driver until police arrived.

A 36-year-old Stoney Creek man has been charged in Brantford with possession of stolen property worth more than $5,000. He is charged in Hamilton with dangerous driving and theft over $5,000.
The car hadn’t returned to Hamilton by midday today but Wilson was told “it’s all in one piece.”
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Yeah haha I dont get why he wanted to swap it...
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