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Wrecked Magazine: Mad Skills DVD Movie Review

A flash back in time to a simpler era in Drifting. This DVD starts off with practicing with Rod Millen who was unable to make it to Irwindale in 2005. This movie brings a comical view of Rhys Millen and RMR closing up the 2005 season in the chase for the championship. Weather it’s his mechanic talking about how he hates Drifting and doesn’t get it or Rhys making fun of Sam or Tanner, it’s a video you won’t want to miss. The movie really shows Sam Hubinette, Rhys Millen, and Tanner Foust in their element leading up to Irwindale. It’s a great film to see into the eyes of a professional Drifter before a big show. The video doesn’t focus so much on the literal Drifting at the track which is refreshing and a nice change of perspective. They just roll through the even quickly to when Rhys takes home the win in the GTO. A must purchase for any Rhys Millen, Sam Hubinette, or Tanner Foust.

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