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You "GoGirl"!

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Ok so my wife sends me a link to this website... apparantly because women are jealous of us men being able to standup while peeing, some company has devised a way for women to "go" aka pee while standing up as well. It only costs $4.99 but if you buy a 3 pack you can save $2.98... So all you ladies out there, go buy a GoGirl before they run out.

Visit the website here:

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Damn why didn't I think of that! I could be rich.:cry:
The coochie funnel! I did think of that years ago, but didn't deem a high demand for such an item, so did not patent it...:jester:

That's actually not new... it's been around for years in the world of light aircraft.

It's just a tad bit redesigned enough to avoid patent infringement.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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